Madame C – Medical Fetish Mistress


Treatments available at the Medical Fetish Clinic

I have a passion for the medical themed world of kinky play. Uniforms, clinical environments and authority set the scene for powerful exciting play. From the very subtle to the extreme bizarre , I will capture the fantasy in your mind’s eye, explore the details then blend them with my skills control  and passion for medical play.

The scene will be set, I will take complete control and lead you into a fantastical world of  mind blowing sensations ……

Medical examination – Your Nurse or Doctor can carry out a medical examination to include-chest auscultation, height, weight and reflex testing, penis and testicle palpation etc. We are aware at the fetish clinic that every patient is unique and we can tailor an examination around an individual’s request.

Medical bondage – The Clinic has leather cuffs, straps and devices to keep patients still while procedures are carried out. We also find it necessary to use rope restraint for patients that can have an adverse reaction to treatment.

Discipline therapy – There are a wide range of techniques used in our correctional behavior programme,  and we have an extensive range of implements that can be used concurrently with the various procedures.

Chastity – The Clinic has a range of chastity devices for over active/excitable penis disorders.

Penis Enlargement / Dysfunction – Your Nurse or Doctor can choose from various pumps or treatments to vary the size of your penis.

Sensory Deprivation Treatment – Various Rubber Masks are available for patients that prefer to hand over complete control to their medical therapist during treatment.

Gynecological/Rectal examination – A full internal examination can be carried out manually or with the use of various pieces of equipment.

Anal dilation – Manual and mechanical stretching of the anal passage.

Prostatic examination and stimulation – Various implements can be used to stimulate, massage and examine the prostate gland.

Electro stimulation and therapy – The Medical Fetish clinic has a collection of electro stimulation machines for internal and external procedures.

Genital taping – Some patients like to experience internal examinations as a female persona or some patients find that their penis needs to be removed whilst a treatment is carried out. With gentle taping techniques  the testicles and penis can be taped up and out of site and access .

Nappy/diaper therapy – Our Regression treatment integrates the use of nappies and plastic pants .

Urethral sounds – We have a selection of sounds for urethral dilation and play.

Breath Play – Nurse can control your breathing and inhalation via a rebreathing mask or bag.

Bed Bath – Sometimes it is necessary for a patient to be washed and prepared before a medical examination is carried out.

Shaving – Some of the procedures require that the patient has all or partial genital shaving before or during a procedure.

Please note – The clinic does not offer any injections, suturing or needles or use any heavy chemicals with breath play.

Rubber Fetish Clinic

I love wearing rubber; the feeling it gives me, the texture smell and how it looks. It allows one to transform into another person, especially when hoods and masks are brought into play.
I want my patients to share that experience within a medical scene and have a large collection of clothes, hoods and accessories for you to wear. There is a growing collection of sensory deprivation and re breathing hoods for you to experience and indulge in.

Rubber sheeting, body bags and gowns can encase your flesh and transport your mind to another world of erotic fantasy as your Medical Mistress carries out her various treatments.
The clinic also has a range of rubber / latex for cross dressing and enforced feminisation play.

Relaxation therapy

At the clinic we are aware that not everyone wants to experience an intense medical role play and  we have put together the Erotossage Treatment. This is incredibly relaxing and treatments are carried out in our Zen Room. It is carried out as a 2 hand or four hand massage treatment and incorporates relaxation, breathing and massage /hot stone techniques integrated with light restraint, a selection of toys and vibrotherapy. Before your appointment we discuss your choice of experiences you would like built into your treatment.

Here is an expert from the Erotossage site……”You feel warm drips of hot oil travel over every part of your body-igniting your senses and arousing everything thing in between your legs. Your cock swells and pulsates under you as some of the warm oil trickles in between your legs, balls and want to feel those fingers massage it in-to be felt and touched and teased …but you have to wait…
You feel bodies close to you as hands and arms now blend the warm oil over every part of you….Its as if you are encased in female flesh as various massage techniques are used to relax soften and unwind your muscles and sensitize your flesh.

“One minute hands and fingers are in between your legs, then on your back and arms, then someone is sat across you-kneading and stroking, probing and playing-oil and flesh sliding everywhere..You lose control –and just submerge yourself in the experience, drifting deeper and deeper into a sublime, erotic heaven of pleasures.

Soft voices whisper in your ear how they are going to take control of you and tease and use you…as the warm breathe drifts over your face and the words soak into your mind you feel hot stones gliding over your legs-up to your bottom cheeks-stretching them apart and exposing everything-warmth and oil glide over the entrance to your prostate; like a warm ,wet tongue licking and probing, pushing and circling-making you writhe and wriggle….wanting to be filled-to be used wanting to be taken …. This is female dominance in its most erotic sensual form…

You had agreed with M C prior to your appointment that you had wanted gentle restraints during your experience, and you now pulled against them as your entire body continually gets teased and used. You want to explode, your cock is throbbing, but every time you think you are you are brought back to a controllable level-its as if these females are in your mind reading your thought’s and unfolding your deepest fantasies….

A set of hands gently pulls your bottom cheeks apart and vibration is felt rubbing up and down round and round your hole- you want it filled-probed, used and teased-you feel drip after drip of warm oil slide from the top of you bottom all the way down over that aching hole. A finger ever so slowly enters you-as it does the warmth of the oil sends a flurry of sensations down the shaft of your cock. You are absorbed in the orgasmic sensation of your torment -unaware of where you are, who you are, or what is happening—all you know is you want more and more and more

As agreed earlier you wanted to try prostate massage and after all this preparation you are more than ready to experience this mind blowing process. …..and this is only the beginning of your journey, what was it going to be like when you rolled over-completely exposed with your hard swollen cock on display and had vibrators and oils, hands and thighs, toys and sensation all over you….? As your thoughts and feelings go onto overdrive you feel the pressure of a small toy vibrating in between your legs and warm hot stones gliding over your back and arms and travelling towards where the toy is going……..”