Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction Tests

Nurse Madame C had been running a series of tests at the clinic including blood pressure checks. A major contributory factor to Erectile Dysfunction High  blood pressure keeps the arteries that carry blood into the penis from dilating the way they’re supposed to. It also makes the smooth muscle in the penis lose its ability to…

Video Clips

I will be adding some medical clips to the site over the coming days as I think it brings my world and website to life. I try to empathise with individuals searching for a fetish practitioner and wanting to get a better understanding and feel of the person they potentially want to share their fantasy…

Welcome to the medical team

We have the highly skilled Nurse Jane visiting Madame Cs medical Clinic frequently and my assistant Nurse Jenny and Nurse Janes assistant nurse Lisa always on hand.
To create an authentic,intense medical scene,with a team of staff or second skilled nurse or doctor please phone or e-mail for details.

Madame Cs Christmas Speech

I would like to wish everyone I know a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and an even HAPPIER NEW YEAR. I have had a fantastic year playing with individuals whose fantasies span the full spectrum of kink,fetish and fantasy role play. I have created a safe space for people to explore and act out their fantasies.Without open…