Male Milking and Orgasm Control

Welcome to 2019 and the male milking clinic in Hamsphire The clinic has a full range of the Serious Kit Milking Machine equipment for penis sensation play and enhancement .  All appointments with the nurse or doctor are tailored to an individuals specific needs with appointments starting at 1 hour up to a whole day.…

Male milking machine Hampshire Medical Fetish Mistress- Male vs Machine

We are running a screening programme for males to see if they can out perform our

Serious Kit Male milking Machine

Venus 2000

Penis Pump

Vibro Multiorgasma and


Book now for the ultimate male  challenge and test.

Can you out perform these?

The anal intruder

We have just taken delivery of our new anal intruder inspection bench Images to follow…. Your body can now be bent over and restrained on the examination bench,with you legs pulled apart and restrained. Your body can be mechanically tipped up so the nurse and doctor can fully inspect dilate and examine you rectal passage!…

The F machine-mechanical anal intrusion

Anal Dilation treatments are available at the Medical Fetish Clinic from September.

The treatment consists of the following

Cleansing and evacuation with warm enema

Manual dilation  the clinics nurses

Medical bondage in the new ratchet anal bench

Mechanical stretching with the F Machine.

For appointments and enquiries contact the clinic nurse

Medical Bondage and Sensory Deprivation

Sometimes Nurse Madame C recommends the patient is put into complete sensory deprivation,not knowing what or when their body will be examined. May be an internal exam? An infusion via the enema,or suction from the venus 2000 machine. More straps to secure you? An electrical stimuli,vibration or stretching experience… Whatever it may be the nurse…

Hampshire Medical Fetish Clinic reopens

The Hampshire Medical Fetish Clinic Reopens with Mistress Madame C leading the team of doctors and nurses. Appointments are now be taken for the Cock Clinic where we offer a wide range of treatments for male cock enlargement,milking and orgasm control. We also offer a full prostate examination,via digital rectal procedures or via a range…