Kinky Rubber Nurse Jenny and Nurse C 26th June.

The medical  clinic has  appointments available for full medical examinations on Friday 26th June.

Kinky latex clad Nurse Jenny will be assisting Nurse C with all the procedures, including shaving, digital rectal examination, electro therapy treatment. penis enlargement and stimulation testing, and prostate examinations.

For your well man appointment please e-mail or call the clinic.DSC_6666 DSC_6672


Breath Control Bondage Mistress Film Clips

Breath Control,and its many forms has always been a fascination of mine. From a soft latex glove over the mouth to  the intricate and outrageous contraptions associated with medical – they all have the same effect-control of the body and control of the mind. At the end of the week we have Dr Breath staying…

Breath Control Play

Dr Breath attended the Rubber Medical Clinic today for his follow up appointment. After a full genital shave Nurse Madame C was able to insert anal electrical probes to encourage dilation and preparation for prostate examnination and milking. Careful medication and restraint techniques were used during the 4 hour procedure to ensure the patient was relaxed…