Video Clips

I will be adding some medical clips to the site over the coming days as I think it brings my world and website to life. I try to empathise with individuals searching for a fetish practitioner and wanting to get a better understanding and feel of the person they potentially want to share their fantasy…

Why Fetish and Kinky Play can be better than Sex

Why kinky BDSM play can be better than sex. Really, I here you say? 1.Well guys did you know that you can have TWO types of orgasm-a dry one or one with ejaculation- and people that I play with quite often say they experience multi orgasms through our kinky play-in combinations of the aforementioned .…

and…The Penis Reduction Clinic!

A large proportion of patients who attend the clinic for a full medical examination have to have electro therapy treatment applied to their penis to reduce it in size.
We have various procedures that we use.Today we used the electro pressure plate on a patient who lost concentration during catheterisation.

Medical film shoot

We had a fabulous shoot today with Nurse Jenny behind the camera and The Rubber House Slave. Jenny prepared our submissive house toy in rubber mask,suit,gloves and pants and rubbed every part of his body with shiny dressing lubricant. His cock was tightly restrained in a rubber cock sheath as we had to work him…